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Mrs. Asia Elite Global Earth 2018 award is Won by Assam Lady Meenakshi Mahanta Brahma, at Delhi

Meenakshi Mahanta Brahma, A homemaker and a fashion designer by profession,  has claimed the prestigious title of Mrs. Asia Elite Global Award 2018 in New Delhi.

About Meenakshi Mahanta Brahma

The Beauty Pageant Winner, Mrs. Meenakshi Mahanta Brahma is a resident of Guwahati. She was selected for the Grand Finale of this prestigious beauty contest. More than hundreds of participants had taken part in the contest from across the nation, ranging the participants from Singapore to the United Arab Emirates.

The audition for the competition was held in Guwahati almost 2 months back in which Mrs. Meenakshi was selected out of 38 participants who had come from all over North-East, after clearing the rigorous interview and selection rounds in the audition.

  • Mrs. Meenakshi Mahanta Brahma won the title in Delhi
  • The winner belongs to Guwahati, Assam
  • She will be working for the upliftment of women

Meenakshi Mahanta Brahma Photo

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She will work voluntarily and provide a helping hand to all women who wish to showcase their immense potential outside the state.