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Ruchika Kapur, A Former Corporate Woman & Fashion Model

Ruchika Kapur, A former corporate woman & now a fashion model. She lives in Gurgaon with her husband and a 4 year old daughter. Her passion, dedication & determination to perform at Top level gave her strength. Her motto in life is always stay happy and positive. She is a beautiful, dynamic & versatile personality. Ruchika always believe in “who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”, by this she work in respective fields.

Ruchika wanted her life to be more exciting than a regular 9 to 5 job. She quit my job for parental bliss and then she thought to finally spread her wings in something that always fascinated her.

 Her calm demeanor and non indulgence in gossip has earned a good name & respect in the industry. Being a strong woman Ruchika looked a challenge in her eye and gave it a wink. Women by default are innovators and capable of standing tall against all odds.

Being minimalistic has been the key. She never over do things including her makeup, ensemble etc. And being respectful, honest, punctual and God fearing have been key traits in her profession.

 Any project that provides equal opportunities, respect and safety will be the ideal environment to work in. Having an encouraging family, a helpful husband and an understanding daughter has made her  journey and time management much easier..

With growing experience she ideally want to analyze people more carefully before trusting them finally.

Failures came in the form of severe mistrust from some people. Ruchika Kapur failed when she used to get affected by  their intent to bring her down. She improved herself in such a way that nothing affects now and she answered them all with rousing success in the last three years..

Being crowned as Mrs. Glamorous Queen 2019, becoming the Brand ambassador of @style_beaats_events, Honoured as special guest & Jury member at many events. And a few music albums are some special memories etched on her mind & career.

The personality of some married women like Mrs. Maureen Wadia & Sushmita Sen really fascinated. She has been an admirer of their style and fashion sense. They help to realize that nothing is impossible if you dream it and work hard for it.

Ruchika six years Prabhakar degree in vocal music and sung for All India radio & ETC Punjabi channel.