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Tried and Tested Hair Tips for You

Who doesn’t love long, lustrous and beautiful hair? However, with constant exposure to harsh chemicals, excessive brushing, use of styling products and pollution, more than 50% of people experience hair fall and damaged hair.

Here are a few tips to take care of damaged hair and promote hair growth:

  • Early identification and repair–split ends, reduced shine, rough texture, and easy hair breakage are signs of damaged hair. If you experience any of these, it’s time to take a reality check and opt for treatment.
  • Trim split ends regularly – regular trimming reduces damaged hair and also promote hair growth.
  • Eat a balanced diet – more often than not, lack of vitamins & minerals causes’ hair loss. Adding supplements and eating a balanced diet helps. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and sleeping for at least 7 hours a day also helps.
  • Regularly oil hair–oiling hair regularly, keeps the scalp nourished and forms a protective barrier which helps reduce hair loss. Castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil are generally used.
  • Avoid chemicals and hot styling tools – bleach, perming or straightening as well as highlighting; all require the use of chemicals which play havoc with your hair. In the long run, these styling techniques can end up causing hair loss. Also, avoid using sulfate shampoos and conditioners.
  • Apple cider vinegar–not only does it help clean the scalp and maintain pH, but it also adds luster to the hair and promotes hair growth.
  • Use hair mask – rich in various minerals, egg helps in not only nourishing but also supports hair growth.
  • Nature care – applying coconut milk, onion or potato juice, fenugreek, green tea, amla etc. can work wonders for your hair. The antioxidants and minerals help hair growth.
Ishi Agrawal
Author: Ishi Agrawal

Ishi is a Professional Content writer and an Editor. She loves curating articles on various niches to spread awareness among her readers based on her research. When she is not writing, she loves baking and is a professional chocolatier. She researches not only on technical niches but has also written many blogs on fashion, travel and self-help.