MBA – Changes Incurred in Time


MBA can be considered to be stories of old, by that I mean that it was originally something else  when it began and additions were added to it over the  years to make it look completely unlike its previous version which was not considered prime at the time ,the example to use could be a rule book or codex for a particular tabletop game involving space elves and orc  may attest, that change is a lot more common when trying include a lot of people to their target fan base which can be bad and split puritans who have already accepted the play strategy of before and will find such additions quite  troubling as people will be forced to split off from the original group and find their own group with more rules while taking part in the merchandise of the original creators.

The point I am trying to get to is that MBA was one originally a different concept which got simplified to the point anyone with enough determination can get through without any particular difficulty.

For example MBA had to be originally was excluded to things like Top MBA Colleges in Chennai or Wherever which was more deftly handled by people of old is now a lot of things which such as the need to pass test to teach courses of the course like the UGC NET 2018 whereas in the old days experience and on the job training would have netted you the job.

To be more on topic and current events, let’s look at fairy tales especially the ones which were made into movies by Disney are far removed from the source material that it loses its original purpose which was mainly  to tell stories about virtues of obeying elder or following the rules or grim, sometimes unfair things about life but it was all swept under the rug due to the need to appeal to the adults and children who would  find viewing of such things without the proper edits quite a bit disturbing .for example if  viewers actually found that little mermaid dies at the end of the story because she made a deal with the mermaid equivalent of the devil for meeting  a prince who rebuffs her attempts at wooing the him or the original ending of Rudyard Kipling  Jungle book had mogli destroy a human village after it cast him out and torture his caretakers on the count of witchcraft .

With all said and done the problem of change is a problem of ages and one must endure as we endure the growing pains of our youths and in some cases the continuous bone growth of their legs which leads to surgical and sometimes unseen complications which we must also endure as life is. As the saying goes-cruel and without mercy who laughs at tragedy and makes people who care become Hypocrites, who only feel sorry for them for the easy virtual signaling and brownie points or I could describe for change.

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