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Why Even Smart Women Make Bad Relationship Choices And Continue With Mr. Wrong

Celebrities like Zeenat Aman, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Tamar Braxton, Rihana are few names who along much more not so famous names share something in common. What is that? The answer is wrong relationships where they faced emotional, physical and sexual assault from the Bed (bad) partner.

The women across the globe go through the horrific experiences of domestic disputes and abusive relationships. The worst part of the story is that any woman can fall prey to such offensive partners and not just innocent and less educated young girls and women. Even the smartest and the most successful ladies get swayed by the cunning guy who comes playing the cheapest but the accurate moves to get her carried away.

Smart Women/Foolish Choices

Reasons for women falling to such relationships and continue to remain with such partners is not just the men thing but she herself remains responsible for the same.

This is not about accusing her of making a wrong choice but to make her aware of few possibilities and help her to decode them.

1. Pressure and fear of getting left alone-

You are only single female in the group and all others are hitched, so you may feel jealous and even inferior and obviously many times left alone during get-together and parties. Your biological clock signals you are getting aged and family pressurises you to set up with someone. These external factors may make you get into a wrong relationship you do not deserve to be in.

2. Low sense of self -worth- yes strange but true!

This is one of the most common reasons why ladies continue to bear what is intolerable in a relationship. Everyone tells you are smart but your own self does not believe it due to several factors and the most common is the low views of your partner about your persona. Constant criticism, ignorance, disapproval, and dominance of your partner makes you less confident and you do not dare to move as you become emotionally too vulnerable.

3. Sex.

Your bed partner is good in bed but bad in everything else also makes you remain with him. Don’t deny but accept that your oxytocin does not allow you to disagree with him on things outside bed as he satisfies you and fucks you best. Your hormones act like a drug and intoxicate you to bear all his abuses and assaults. The lady keeps trusting the fellow and remains hopeful about a better future with him. Good sex actually nubs her other feelings for some time and she misguides his performance for his love.

4. Social and family pressure-

This is a reason why married women continue to be in a domestically abusive marriage. She has children and is a good daughter who does not want her family to face social disapproval due to her moves. She continues in the poor coital knot fearing her future and social disrespect.

Also we as a society makes her more fearful with our questions about her attempt if she tries to move on at any point of time in her marriage.
Bad relation can happen to anyone and it’s never too late…. So move on….. life awaits you.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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