An Essential Guide to Starting a Food Business in the Philippines


Food makes Filipinos happy. Even the Philippine Star says that Filipinos naturally like to eat with a sense of adventure and thrill. That is because food is an essential part of the Filipino culture. It is engraved deep within everyone’s minds that having food means another day of survival.  

The already wide selection of Filipino delicacies grew even more significant with the help of globalization. Now, people can see various fusions of western and oriental styles of cooking in every place that they visit. But, is it enough reason for anyone to start a food business?  

Starting a food business in the Philippines  

Filipinos have an appetite for anything delicious. It is even apparent in their social media posts. Almost a quarter of Filipino online consumers eat outside of their homes weekly.  

When it comes to dining options, Filipinos still prefer to eat outside instead of having food delivered to them. That is because eating out of home is more convenient than preparing them in the kitchen. Even more, eating out saves them a lot of time. Besides relying on Filipino’s hunger for tasty meals, are there any other ways to ensure success in the business industry?  

What it takes to build a food business  

Starting a food business from scratch is a make or break situation for most aspiring entrepreneurs. Not only do you need to think about getting a few pieces of cafe kitchen equipment in the Philippines, but you also need to consider the revenue aspect of the business.   

Although it seems confusing, starting a small food business in the Philippines is plausible. But, to ensure its success, you first need to have a concept. Doing so will make your customers feel that you are offering something different to them.  

A few of the freshest concept these days focus on customization. People like the feeling of being in charge of everything they do. That is why offering them a way to customize their products based on what they want is an ideal way to improve your profit margin. 

Before you do that, you need to develop and test your product. Doing so will ensure that all your products are of excellent quality. Now that you have a concept of what your food business will be, it is time to check your product and see how it goes.

Come up with three versions and have different beta test groups to try and taste all the versions. You can collect data from the test groups and use it to fine-tune your menu. The final version of each meal will become a part of your list.  

Starting a business is never easy. The first couple of months will be difficult. With enough determination and hard work, you will undoubtedly achieve success. You can try to read a few articles about starting a business or even ask any of your friends who already started their entrepreneurial journey. It is always best to equip yourself with the right knowledge instead of relying on guts alone.

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