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Duo, Google’s new video calling app.

An app which is ready to change the definition of video calling. We are talking about google’s new app Duo. Just in a few days of it’s launch, it has entered the list of number one free app not just on Google Play store but also on Apple Store. It is available for downloading from last 15 August. It is much simpler in comparison to other video calling apps. You can use it in as simple way as you use WhatsApp. You can call with it in a very similar way as you make normal calls.
Easy and fast.
It’s user interface is very simple and user-friendly. As you open it, the front camera gets activated and you could see your video. Here, you will see a call button, by clicking on it you can call anyone. The call can see you live. The rear camera can also be used if you want to.
Only 5MB, that’s it!
On more good Point of this App is that, unlike other video calling apps you don’t need to create your account to login an start calling. It will work simply with your mobile phone number. You will also be amazed to know that the size of this app is just 5MB. I bet you can’t find any good video calling app below 20 MB of size.