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Ultimate Guide to Extend Your Cell Phone Life to the Maximum

Today, cell phones are one of the most valuable items we have. So whether you’ve spent a good deal on a state-of-the-art smartphone with the most advanced features or opted for a more basic and accessible phone, it’s important that you take care of it as much as possible to extend its life to the fullest.

Having a cell phone in good condition will not only help you to last longer but will maintain its value and make it easier to resell it at a better price when you want to change phones.

Take care of Phone Battery

One of the crucial aspects of the care of your cell phone is the battery. Since if the battery fails the phone becomes almost unusable. While replacing the battery is always an option – and is considerably cheaper than replacing other components such as the display – you probably will not want to spend money unnecessarily, much less when you can take the proper precautions to extend the life of your battery to the maximum.

To extend the life of your battery, which in the case of your Android is probably lithium ions, better known as Li-ion, it is very important that you do not overload your cell phone, a bad habit that many mobile users have. Because these types of batteries perform at low voltages and have no “memory”, it is much better not to charge them all the time to 100% or to let them fully discharge.

The partial loads are always the best option. That is, it is better to charge your phone several times a day for short periods than once, just as it is better to exercise a little every day than only once a week, even more intensely. For this reason, It is advisable not to leave the cell phone overnight. The ideal charge of the phone is between 40% and 50%, so it is best to always go around that number.

In everyday life, if you want the battery to last you another useful trick is to disable the connections you are not using, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Same with your data plan. For example, if your cell phone is 4G you will be consuming more battery than if you are connected to 3G, so it is better to disable these options when they are not needed.

On the other hand, something that consumes a lot of battery is the memory or CPU of the phone. That is to say that when the phone is “thinking”, it consumes more energy, so if you are not using the applications, close everything that you are not using, since although you do not realize it, if you do not close them from your multitasking window, many Apps will be running processes in the background and, therefore, consume more battery.

Do not use pirate chargers

They say that cheap is expensive, and yes. If you lose the charger on your phone or in an emergency you are tempted to buy one of “dubious origin“. Do not do it! That seemingly innocent action can actually be totally counterproductive.

Among other things, pirate chargers are made of materials of very poor quality that can put your phone at risk and, in some cases, you, as they usually use a voltage different to what your phone needs. This is because pirate shippers do not take safety requirements into account.
On the other hand, it is possible that a pirate charger does not provide the proper charging power, so using it will only result in a much slower load.

Uses a casing

If you are one of those purists who thinks that it does not make sense to have a cell phone with a great design if you are not going to be able to enjoy using a casing, do not get depressed when your cell falls a fatal fall that not only damages its beautiful exterior, affects the functions of your phone.

Using a casing goes beyond an aesthetic issue, you are really ensuring that your cell phone is safe from much more serious internal damage, such as water damage or damage to other internal components. Anyone who does not use a casing is inevitably destined to end up with a cell full of scrapes and taps.

In addition to that, in the end, your cell will be very careless and you will lose all that aesthetic charm that you wanted so much to presume to the world. Nobody will want to buy your cell phone, and if they do it will be because you will have to sell it much cheaper than another cell phone, but in many better conditions.

So stop short stories and buy a case immediately after buying a new phone. In truth, you will enjoy your phone much more, without the constant worry that it will fall. Your casing will keep your phone safe from any drop. And we all know that sooner or later your cell phone will end up on the floor, no matter how careful you are.
Check the software and install some anti-malware app

Of course, to take care of your cell phone you do not only have to take into account physical or hardware aspects, but internal ones, or software. The first step is to protect your cell from viruses or malware. This will ensure that your cell phone is clean inside and out and that its operation is optimal.

On the other hand, many of these applications will not only prevent malicious attacks or malicious software that may put your cell phone and information at risk but also offer other additional features that will help take care of your phone in case of theft or loss.

Fortunately today there are many applications to protect your cell from viruses and malware. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is one of the best free options for Android. Android Device Manager is an indispensable complementary app to locate your phone from a distance, plus it’s also free.

Among other things, these apps help you back up your content, track the location of your smartphone via GPS, remotely erase sensitive information and even send a remote message to try to retrieve your phone or take a picture of whoever has stolen your cell phone. Check the options and download one or more of these applications so that you are more confident that your cell phone is protected and safer in the case of any eventuality.

Another very advisable measure to protect your cell phone is to check the software version of your phone (in Menu-Settings- About Device- Software Update- Update) and always update to the latest version of Android that you have available.

It is a very simple process and in every software update, Google always adds security improvements. Better option is always try to buy a smartphone with latest android version and allows updates to it. Always check comparative feature of smartphone or use smartphones buying guide before buy your next smartphone.

Do not expose to extreme temperatures

A very important aspect is that you try not to expose your cell phone to extreme temperatures, because in the case of high temperatures, the battery is highly affected, losing up to 80% of its capacity. The same happens with very low temperatures, which damage the capacity of the cells of the battery to maintain its load.

If you are in a place with low temperatures, it is advisable to use it as little as possible outdoors and keep it close to you to take advantage of your body temperature. Of course, do not leave it too long in the open, since other internal components can be damaged.

The same recommendation applies for very hot climates. Do not leave it locked in a hot place for a long time, like a car, and avoid having direct contact with the sun for prolonged times. The high temperatures not only affect the battery of your cell phone but can damage the touch screen and break down the internal circuits.

The ideal state for your phone is to maintain it at an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, as this will keep the natural loss of life that every year every battery experiences. With that temperature, your cell phone will lose less than 20% of its maximum capacity per year.

Other General Care

Interestingly, another of the biggest myths is that a cell phone will last you less if it always stays on. However, cell phone repair experts have explained that, unlike computers that do need to be shut down frequently to improve performance. Cell phones are very good at solving these problems without having to be Restarted or deleted. That is, closing the applications you are using is more than enough.

So you turn off your cell phone every two months (although there are those who say that once a year is fine ), by no means every day or week.  Let nobody tell you otherwise.

To clean your cell phone, which is highly recommended to do to eliminate the germs, bacteria and dirt that inevitably impregnate in it with daily use, do not spray water or any liquid directly on the cell phone. Use a microfiber cloth and apply only a few drops of vinegar mixed with water or if you prefer alcohol. Never use a towel, let alone other chemicals, as it can scratch or ruin the screen.

In summary, a great way to care for your cell phone is by starting with the battery. If you follow these recommendations it is easier than prolonging the life of your cell phone beyond the expected period, as well as, as we mentioned, you can get much more juice when you need to change your cell phone, as the second-hand cell phone market Is huge, and you can easily sell an old cell phone better if you keep it in good condition .

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat