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Episode 1- On her Command..


No longer will I be able to hold myself

When you keep luring me with your voice

Nor can I restrict, neither you can help

As my soul and my body find no choice

But to let myself flow when your lips devoice

And I love to sway in your words and rejoice.

Let me command you to spoil me tonight

And see us unite under the lusty moonlight.

Listen to your heartbeats and wait for the first episode of ‘ON HER COMMAND’, a passionate romantic short story.


“How long will we keep sharing our desires on phone Renuka? I want to meet you in real.”

“Hopefully we will meet one day. I don’t know Amit if at all we will meet in this life!”

It had been almost a year and the need to meet in real was making them restless. Every night they would share their wild fantasies and desires and make plans to meet which could never be successful.

“I want to live with you, feel you, love you and make you go crazy with my presence in your life.” The urge to touch her, feel her and love her was increasing day by day.

“I want to feel you too and wish to see you how you paint my body with my commands.  I want to see you how you throb and become desperate when I stand in front of you with not even a piece of string on my body, yet I wouldn’t allow you to touch me until you are overpoured with desperation.” Renuka lived with her own fantasies and wished to live her fantasies with Amit.

“Aah! I would eat you completely after such high desperation. This corona has been testing my patience and lockdowns breaking my heart sweetheart.” Amit had planned to meet her during the summer breaks, but never knew that his wait would be never-ending.

“Lockdown has been almost released my love; it’s just the fear of the virus that is not letting us out of our houses.” Renuka replied.

“Are you ready to travel my dear? If yes, let’s plan to meet soon. I can’t wait any longer as day by day I am becoming more passionate and desperate as well, to make you mine.”  Amit at times thought of taking risks and travel to meet her, but it all depended on the situations.

“Do you think it to be safe? Where will we go? Where will we meet? Cities are dangerous and, in the hills, no one will welcome us. We won’t even get a room to stay. Don’t make me desperate with your desperation. It is really difficult now. I want to meet you.” Renuka sighed after pouring her heart out.

“Hey, can I see you now? Please!” He pleaded.

“Now!” She spoke with a jolt.

“Yes, now…I want to see you now. It’s been almost a year and we have nothing hidden between us. I made love to you over phone; many a times I have imagined you to please my hormones, but you never allowed me to see you…to see you from top to bottom without a single piece of string on your body. Won’t you love to torture me tonight?” Amit beseeched.

“Nah! Let’s do it otherwise. I want to see you the way you want to see me. Do it for me tonight. I want to see how hard you can be for me tonight. Won’t you love to show me how horny you are for me and make me wild tonight?” She commanded with slight tone of request.

(Would he prefer to do what she commands or will he persuade her to follow his desires? To know more…Keep Reading!)