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Episode 7 – An Undefined Bond..

It was quite dark and she entered her car into a narrow lane. She had already sensed that she took a wrong route, but the street was so narrow that she could find no way to turn her car. She pondered if she should call him or find her way all by herself. She kept on driving getting into confusing ways and cursing herself for all the troubles she brought to herself. She talked to herself,

“Damn this life! Frustrations, loneliness, work load and now with this added adventure of fire and desire will seriously ruin me this time. I should make my plans to leave this place now.”

As her mind wandered to confusing thoughts, her phone rang.

“Hey, have you reached?”

“Yes, I have reached a strange area from where I see no way to return.”

Her words troubled him.

“You had to go straight. There is no such confusion on this route. Where are you heading to?”

“I think I again entered a wrong lane.” She sadly conveyed.

“See, no worries. Turn your car. Put your video call on. I will direct you.” He knew she couldn’t get lost in that area as there was no way out to the main road through any lane towards his area.

“It’s too dark. No use of video call. I will turn my car and move out through the way I entered. You don’t worry. Let me taste this adventure well now.”

Saying this, she moved ahead and after finding some space, turned her car to take the same route through which she had entered.

It took almost an hour to reach her room. As soon as she reached, she sent him a text,


“Thank God. I was waiting for your text. Take rest now.” He replied.

“You sleep. You have work tomorrow. I can’t sleep tonight. My mind is disturbed.” She wrote back.

“Are you okay? I am sorry yar…” he had no idea what to say, but he knew she had a difficult time in reaching him and giving his part of happiness.

“Hey, chill! Why are you sorry? We had planned together and I loved being with you.” She didn’t want to spoil the beautiful moments they had spent together that night. She wanted to cherish those moments and forget her difficult drive. After all she had a break from her mundane routine.

“Are you sure you loved it? I loved it a lot.” He said.

“I loved it too. Now, you rest.” She knew he had to sleep and she didn’t want to keep him busy on phone any longer.

“Okay, you have some sleep too. Good night.”

His mind was not free from the previous night’s thoughts. He cursed the office hours. He sent her a text,

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I am good. Busy as usual.” With her work lying on the table, she could hardly focus on her work too. She was filled with his thoughts.

“Oh, you work so hard. And, so you need more breaks in your life with me.”

She laughed at his words.

“hahaha…Oh…Is it?”

“So, did you like it last night?” He asked.

“I loved it and you have put marks on my shoulders, neck and…” She smiled and said with a low tone.

“And… tell me where?” He teased.

“On my breasts…happy now!?” She replied laughing out loud.

“I am sorry yar. Next time I will be careful and put more prominent marks on your skin everywhere.”

He was lost in a different world. He found himself horny even in the office.

“Next time! Hopefully we meet…” she sighed sending him this text.

“Why won’t we meet? We will meet soon.” He replied.

“I am planning my return soon. I have to go. I can’t stay here for long.” She conveyed.

“But, how will you go now? It’s lockdown everywhere and it’s not safe moving out now.” He asked.

“I will drive myself or try to manage a special pass. Don’t worry, I am not moving out this week. Probably next week…” she wrote.

His heart sank. He knew she would have to leave one day, but never expected so soon. He wanted to spend the best of his life with her. He wanted to live his fantasies with her. He was frustrated with his loneliness too. And, with her company it was as if he found his real self.

“Then, we must meet very soon. We must meet as many times as we can babes.” He wrote.

“Hmm…we will meet. Don’t worry.” She replied.

“Babes, tell me your wildest fantasy. I want to fulfil your fantasy. What pleases you the most?” He asked.

“I have not much thought about my pleasures, but yes, I love the way you caress my breasts and suck. It makes me go wild.” She tried too open her up as she knew she had not much time left with him.

“This time, I will make you go crazy.” He replied.

She took the chance to ask too.

“You tell me about your fantasies.”

“Babes, I have all dirty ideas and fantasies. I want to fuck your mouth letting you to lick every drop of mine. I want to try everything I have never tried with you. I want to be harsh with you and at the same time love you as I never did before. I won’t let you breathe this time. Get ready for a wild love making session.” He narrated.

She couldn’t hold her laugh. She wrote,

“Hope we meet before I leave this place and you fulfil your fantasies.”

(Will she be able to meet him or she leaves without meeting him? Will they be able to fulfil their fantasies? To know more…read more.)