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Episode 9 – An Undefined Bond..

She slowly got up from the bed, dressed herself and said good bye to him.

“Go safe and ping me once you reach.” He said.

She left his room in silence.

The next morning headlines read that the lockdown has been extended and her boss called her up to work from home for a month more as travel was not at all suggested. She immediately sent him a text,

“Lockdown extended.”

How happy was he to receive this text! He replied,

“O wow! That’s a great news.”

She sent an emoji of rolling eyes and wrote,

“What? Is it the good news?”

He replied,

“I mean…it’s sad, but good that we will be able to spend some more time together.”

“Haha…O Yes…for sure…some time more.” She wrote back.

The following days were too busy for her. She was loaded with important projects and had no time to even text him. It had been three days and there was zero interaction between them. He wondered if she was busy or was already with her mind to leave. He sent her a text,

“Hey, What’s up? How about your work?”

“Oh! Don’t ask me…going mad with work.”  She replied.

“Ping me when you are free. I won’t disturb you.” He wrote.

“Oh! You never disturb me. It’s because I am engrossed in some important projects and not able to talk to you.” She said.

“It’s okay. Complete your work soon and meet me. You need a break too and I can give you a great break.” He teased.

“Oh yes… I will.” She cut short.

The weekends approached and there was silence on both the sides. He waited for hermessage as he didn’t want to disturb her during work. His restless mind again compelled him to text her,

“Hi, hope you are done with your work. Missing you.”

She replied a few minutes late,

“I am still stuck with my work.”

“You need to take a break to start your work with a fresh mind again. Let’s meet.”

She found no word to reply as she couldn’t afford to take the break. Work had always been her priority and responsibility her foremost duty. She replied,

“I don’t think I will be able to take any break as I am in the middle of something very important. I will meet you soon. Don’t worry. Not leaving this place so soon now. Lockdown has extended.”

He didn’t want to disturb her, but he knew the month would fly soon as a week had already passed so soon.

“Okay, you carry on. Please complete it fast. I am dying to meet you.’

She smiled and ended the conversation with,


One more week was about to end and there was almost no conversation. He saw her changed WhatsApp and that made him text her immediately,

“Hey, any plan?”

“Hi, no plan. Almost free with work but…” She replied with an incomplete sentence.

“That’s great. I am so happy. But… what? Let’s catch up!” he was excited as he was already frustrated not being able to meet her for so long.

“I am down and I am in no mood to go out.” She said.

“Okay, I will wait for you. Still we can be comfort to each other in many ways even if you are down.”

She laughed at his desperation.

“Wait for few days more, love.” She consoled.

“I am, babes.”

A few more days and he had various doubts and disturbing thoughts. He called her one Saturday night, but she missed to pick his call. The next morning, he sent her a text,

“Hey, are you trying to ignore me for some reason? Have I hurt you in any way? I feel you do not want to meet me somehow?”

She was surprised to read this. She knew her work and her health condition had stopped her. She missed him equally or even more. She typed,

“Are you mad? Why will I ignore you? I am dying to meet you too. I was not keeping well due to sleepless nights and work load. I will meet you soon.”

“When are we meeting babes? You are in my mind day and night. I am going to punish you harshly the day I meet you.” He replied.

“All yours.” She said.

“I am going to tie you up and torture you. I will fuck your mouth till you gasp to breathe.” He was in need-in need of her.

“You are free to fulfil your desires and punish me the way you want.” She replied.

“I will make you damn wet, lick your face and rub all over with my weapon. I will eat your breasts and fill your skin with bite marks. I will spank your ass and make you my food.” His desires were uncontrollable.

“I won’t spare you too. I will eat your balls and scratch you all over. I will eat your nipples too. Won’t let you alone enjoy.” She was aroused by his words of desire.

“Aah! All yours, babes. Do whatever you want, but please meet me soon.” He urged.

“Okay let’s meet tomorrow in the evening and make the Saturday memorable.” He offered.

“Okay, I will try.” She replied.

The next day passed as if in minutes waiting to meet each other. As the evening approached, it started raining heavily with thunderstorm. They kept waiting for the rain to rest, but hopes seemed to shatter.

“Hi, what’s up? He sent her a text.

“Having a drink as the hopes to meet seem to shatter.” She replied sending him a picture of her wine glass.

“Send me your pic babes.” He wrote.

She quickly took a selfie and sent to him.

And emojis of love flew on her screen.

She asked,

“Send me your selfie now.”

“I can’t. I am in the middle of something.” He said.

“So what? I am not asking your nudes!” She exclaimed.

He laughed and sent her his selfie with a child on his lap. He was sitting at his neighbour’s house waiting for the rain to subside.

“We will meet tomorrow for sure. And, you will come to pick me. I don’t want to drive.” She said.

“Okay, I will pick you up and drop you back.”

The night was restless as they both were suffering not being able to see each other.

He wrote,

“I am going to force on you this time and take out all my frustrations. Do not forget to wear a skirt this time. I will pick you up and slide my hand inside you right in the car as I will not be able to stop myself. I will make you damn wet in the car. Do not wear your inners. I will play with them till I carry you to my room. I will rip off your clothes, tear them apart and devour you.”

“I don’t want to carry any extra pair of clothes. Anyways, you are free to explore my skin in the car, and I would do the same.”

“We won’t miss to meet tomorrow…” he confirmed.

“O yes! Car romance is one of my fantasies.” She disclosed.

“Let’s do it…”

(Will they be able to meet the next day? Will they meet hurdles again? Will their car romance plan be successful? To know more…read more…)