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The next few days were busy with occasional greetings. Renuka spoke less’ whereas Amit took time to send her texts and voice messages too. She would listen to his love verses, smile and keep her thoughts to herself. She wondered where they were heading to.She didn’t want to fall in love as life for her was a never-endingtravel till her death. She wanted to be a free bird devoid of any clutch or commitments. She worried if she was falling for him too as the restlessness to meet him was somewhere troubling her from inside. She feared if she would break his rising hopes if at all he was falling for her.

Her silence brought many questions to his mind.

“Is she avoiding me? If so, why after we have come such a long way sharing everything? Am I seriously falling for her? She must be scared to get screwed up with me. I won’t force her, but will make her mine with my love.”

He decides to call her finally. She instantly picks his call.

“Hey, sweets! I just want to hug you tight and kiss your lips before I begin.” He begins.

“What? Have you gone crazy? Come meet me if you are so mad to taste my lips.” She retorted.

“When do you want me to come?” he asked.

“Aah! As if you are waiting to fly!’ She teased.

“I am serious. Flights have resumed or I am ready to drive to your place. I have seriously thought about it.” He conveyed.

“Flights are not yet safe. Try driving, if at all you are planning to come.” She suggested.

“Where are you staying? I need to know before I plan to drive.” He asked.

“I am in a guest house. I had told you that I am not home as I am stuck somewhere for my work and it’s not bad here. So, I won’t move for two or three months from here.” She replied.

“Should I join you there?” He queried.

“Book another room nearby and try to entice me with your tricks.” She replied.

“I have no problem in doing so, provided I am given a room to stay. Or I will forcibly bang into your room.” He laughed and said.

“You won’t be stopped any way as long as you keep pleasing me.” She laughed saying this aloud.

“I would keep myself busy pleasing you 27/4 if you permit my love. I will please you with different styles and give you the best moments of life. I will make you go wild and addicted to my touch.” He said with a slight horny tone.

“Don’t make me wet now. It’s not the time shed off my clothes.” She replied with a lighter tone, yet firm.

“There is no specific time to shed your clothes. I will tear your clothes off anytime and every time when I come to meet you. I won’t waste a single minute of my days with you.” He said laughingly.

“Try it…You have to try a lot.” She teased.

“I know I am good at it. I can undress you right now wherever you are with my words and keep you wet 24/7. You just have to listen to my words.” He challenged.

“O ho! Are you a magician?” She asked laughingly.

“No, I am a lover filled wit love and lust.” He replied.

“Will see if I fall for your magic.” She teased.

“Where are you now and what are you doing?” He asked.

“Why do you want that now?” She asked back.

“I need to imagine the ways to please you in every situation you are as ii am reaching you soon.” He said.

She knew his voice had that warmth to sway her heart and tease her body. She said,

“I am just sitting at my study table trying to focus on my work.”

“Can you feel my hands grabbing you from behind?” He spoke with a tone to lure her.

“I don’t want to feel now.” She acted strong.

“You have to feel when my hands are playing with your breasts and my fingers teasing your hard nipples.” He teased her.

“Don’t do that. How do you know about my hard nipples?” She asked as she could feel a strange sensation on her body.

“I know you will unlock your bra and feel your hard nipples and imagine me to rub them mercilessly.” He closed his eyes imagining her as he spoke his heart out.

“What do you want now at this hour of the day? Let me work.”  She demanded as she could feel her restless swollen breasts inviting her to free them.

“I want you to stay wet for me every time so that when I come, I waste no time in tasting you.” He replied.

“Can you feel it down there? I can feel how restless you are now wanting me to touch your wet rose petals right under your culottes.” He kept enticing her.

“Come and meet me if you want to see me restless and wet for me, or I won’t touch myself, but torture myself bearing this fire in me.” She demanded.

“Wait for me till I reach you and see the wild version of you.” He consoled.

(Will he travel to meet her? Will they meet? Will they unite or will she stop herself from falling for him? To know more…keep reading)