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Episode 10 – An Undefined Bond..

The next morning was busy for her although it was a Sunday. She had her online conferences with instructions from her organization. After the conference, she sent him a text,

“Are you free?”

“I am. Are we planning to meet? Come over. Let’s catch up.” He was always willing to meet her and what could be the best on a Sunday, when he would have her company!

“Wait! I can’t come now. I will come after lunch to spend some time with you.” She informed.

He jumped in happiness and excitement.

“Fine babes. I will be waiting.”

She hurried to accomplish all her targets to free herself for the whole evening. She refreshed herself and drove to meet him finally. She didn’t want him to come and pick as it was a sunny day and darkness had time to overshadow the light. The music in the car that day aroused a changed feeling in her. She was not nervous, but excited to meet him. She travelled in her land of imagination singing along with the number played with a smile on her face. She could feel the happiness her heart carried that day. She had no fear, no regrets but only the desire to live her life the way she loved. She suddenly fell in love with her life. She had devoted her life to work and to serve without thinking anything about her pleasures. Travel pleased her, work made her happy, but beyond that she had nothing to fall in love with. She was tied to a family as a formality and could never understand in reality what is to be with a family. She laughed it way accelerating the speed of her car. There he was waiting eagerly in the veranda raising his hand to gesture with excitement assuring that she didn’t forget to park her car just in front of his gate.

She rushed inside his room with confidence and he hurried to bring a glass of water to her.

“Would you love to have some drink?” He asked smilingly.

“Nah! I am not thirsty.” Saying this she looked at him smilingly.

“But I am thirsty.”

Saying this he grabbed her tight. He hugged her without letting her to move. She hugged him tight equally. His hands slowly touched her bottom caressing and pressing hard. He pulled her close to him letting her feel how hard he was for her. They held each other rubbing against each other for few minutes whispering to each other. The room was singing with their breaths and the light music he had put on to heighten the aura of romance.

“You made me wait so much. I will not spare you today.” He spoke in her ears biting her earlobe.

“All yours today.” She whispered back.

He put his hands inside her top reaching her breasts and pressing them hard. He took time. He kept pressing them covering them with his hands. His fingers tried to reach her nipples.He tried to reach the lock of her bra to let her free from the veil that covered her swollen breasts. She put her top out letting him to uncover her covered jewels. He threw her bra out and held them in his hands pressing them furiously. She pulled his shirt and his vest out. He pulled her made her sit on the bed. He sat behind pulling her towards him to sit on his lap. His hands covered her breasts from behind. He grabbed them pressing them again and again making her breathe high moan. He pinched her nipples and licked her neck. He carefully caught her hair and started eating her neck and ears. Her hand tried to reach back and hold his hardness. He moaned making a slight horny sound. She held it tight to hear him moan again. His hands caught her breasts massaged her pressing them faster and harder. The faster and harder he pressed, the tighter she held his manhood.

He struggled to pull her shorts and inner out and said aggressively, “pull them out; throw them; c’mon show me.”

She helped him to see her without a single piece of string. He touched her vagina and rubbed until her clitoris dripped. He ordered,

“Touch yourself. Show me… show me do you touch yourself.”

She rubbed her vagina with her fingers showing him how wet she was.

He loved her wetness. He took the turn and rubbed furiously making her moan and scream. He put his fingers in her mouth to suck and taste her wetness. He kept teasing her and found pleasure watching her lips part in want and her tongue licking her lips gesturing him to torture her more and more. His middle finger played and teased her clitoris making her moan deep. He whispered,

“Do you like it?”

She kept moaning with any yes or no.

He repeated,

“Tell me do you like it?”

“Yes, yes… so much…” Breathing high she repeated.

Her words made him more furious and he put his middle finger inside her vagina pleasing her with his finger in and out. She moaned and screamed holding his penis tight and shaking his gonads. He turned her towards her making her kneel on the floor to let her access his hardness. She pushed him on the bed and pulled out his shorts devouring his hardness and sucking madly. She put his gonads in her mouth gently sucking them and her tongue relished them her tongue slid below his cojones licking from bottom to the top of his manhood. Her tongue flickered on the tip of his penis just like a snake flickering its tongue. She teased him and enjoyed watching him close his eyes and moaning. Her hands played with his gonads while her tongue played with his hardness. She sucked him deep till her throat choked and he heatedly made his manhood reside inside her mouth thrusting it in and out with force.

He pulled her up and let her lay on top of him pressing her tight and kissing her mouth licking all over her face and neck. They were grabbing each other tight with their bodies sweating badly and rubbing against each other. His tongue rolled inside her mouth, biting her lips and licking her neck again and again. She kissed him hard. She bit his ears equally, licking his earlobes and sliding her tongue on his neck till his chest. She licked his nipples and bit them one by one. She sucked his tiny dots more and more as he liked her move. He moaned as her tongue licking and biting his nipples aroused him more and more. She came down and sucked him again and gain. Her hands reached his bottom pressing and scratching while her mouth devouring his penis. He lifted her up and sat with her making her sit on his lap with her legs spread letting her wetness touch his hardness. He spanked on her butts pulling her close towards him. He spanked her breasts holding them and biting them here and there. He pulled her closer thrusting his hardness inside her and they rocked with each other moaning and screaming together with his manhood rolling inside her vagina. He kept on rolling his manhood inside her without taking it out holding each other tight. Suddenly he pulled her on top of her still grabbing her tight and his manhood teasing her clitoris.

He ordered,

“Come sit on me. Drive me babes.”

She sat on him taking his hardness in and drove him mad. The bed could witness their rock and roll and the room was filled with their humping sounds and moans.

He repeated breathing high,

“Ya baby…fuck…”

And she was on him with him inside him and driving him faster and faster till their bodies entwined as he rolled her to the side of the bed and came on top of her. His tongue tasted every inch of her skin. He loved her armpits. He held her hands tight lifting them up and licked her armpits. She was so clean that his tongue slipped easily. He inserted his hardness with a force making her scream putting in and out aggressively. He was not ready to leave. He wanted to reside in her as long as possible. He kept on thrusting in and out watching her moan in pleasure. He whispered,

“Do you want me to release inside you today?”

“I won’t mind but it is not safe.” She replied still breathing heavily.

He kept on playing with his manhood inside her rolling and sliding and asking again,

“Where do you want me to?”

“On my breasts this time.” She whispered.

His hardness reached in between her breasts and her breasts held it tight as he rubbed up and down.

They were not ready to leave each other but kept loving each other as if there would be no end to their love making that day.

She pushed him suddenly and took hold of his manhood in her mouth making him mad for her. She kept on licking and sucking his cojones till he released on her lips.

They were dripped in each other’s sweat. They laid on the bed and kept staring at each other.

He asked,

“Some water?”

She nodded.

He brought her redbull can, a juice packet and a glass of cold water.

She took the class of cold water and picked up her scattered clothes. She tied her hair and looked at him with many questions but without a word.

He said,

“It was too good. I loved it. I never knew my room to be so hot until now. We both are sweating.”

“Yes, it was. I should leave now.”

She picked up her car keys and as she was about to move out of the door, he hugged her tight.”

“Bye…” she said.

“Ping me as you reach.”

She was on her half way when she received his message,

“Have you reached?”

“Not yet…about to…don’t worry, I will text you.” She sent a voice text.

It was a wonderful day for both of them. He remained in the dreamland the whole night and she in her own.

The next morning, he wrote,

“Were you happy yesterday? What did you like the most?”

“I was and I am happy. I loved the way you put me on your lap and caressed my breasts. I loved the way your finger made me wet so much.” She replied.

“What else do you want me to do? I want to fulfil all your desires.” He asked.

“You gave me the best days of my life. We will explore when and if we meet next.” She said.

She added,

“What about you? Were you happy?”

“Totally, perfectly…Never before did I enjoy so much.” He replied.

He added,

“Next time, we will be dirty and wilder with slangs spitting from our mouths.”

“Oh ya…won’t mind trying that too.” She wrote and laughed.

The next day was quite busy for her. He was occupied too. There was silence from both the sides. He was never so silent and it was he who initiated all talks. His silence disturbed her. She knew they had to part but not in this way. She had strange thoughts,

“He might have had enough. He must be planning to get back to his family life and must be wanting to wash off his guilts.”

He had to and she had to leave too.

It had been more than one week and the flights had resumed. She found no reason to stay back any more. If she would, loneliness would haunt her again. She wanted to carry the beautiful moments she spent with him in a strange land. She booked her tickets and packed her luggage. She thought of sending him a text for one last time,

“You seem to be too busy. Flights have resumed.” She couldn’t type any more.

Suddenly his eyes fell on her texts. He had been frustrated not being able to text her as he was entrusted a very difficult duty by his organization. He was hard pressed and had no time to eat on time or sleep. Deadlines were hovering above his head.

She couldn’t sense that.

He took his mobile and hurriedly typed as he was about to move out for a conference,

“Hey, I am so sorry babes. I am going mad with work. These people have loaded me with responsibilities. See you.”

“It’s okay. Focus on your work. Don’t think much.”

“Are you sure flights have resumed from this place?” He asked.

“Yes, although it’s risky.”

She had her flight the very next day. Little did he know that she was leaving the place all of a sudden. She chose not to inform him so that he could be free from distractions and would be able to carry on his responsibilities the organization had given him at the crucial hour.

She sighed breathing high and deleted all his texts received and sent till date. She smiled and closed her suitcase with her last file in with a hope of meeting him someday in her life again.


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