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Episode 5 – An Undefined Bond..

It had been a week and they had occasional talks as the entire week had been busy for both of them. Amidst the busy days, he never could put her out of his mind. He would text her in the afternoons,

“Hi babe, want to meet you so much.”

Her reply would be,

“Hmm…busy days. Trying hard to complete the projects.”

He would not fail to arouse her desires,

“I know…it must be difficult for you with the kind of post you are holding. But I am still hard for you. Need you so much.”

She would laugh in wonder and reply,

“Horny you! Always in desperation…hahaha…”

“Yes, horny for you babes. Dying to show you my horns.”

“Will see your horns soon. Have patience. Let me complete my work.” She would cut short.

“Okay okay…this time at my place,” he would assure.

“Let’s see.” Her short reply.

The week was difficult for him. His desires were growing day by day wanting her more and more. He couldn’t understand what was happening to him. His loneliness haunted him when he reached home from office. It was Friday and his restlessness reached the peak. He sent a text,

“Any plans tonight?”

The feelings were same to both the sides. His texts made her weak. She felt the urge to meet him too. A strange desire to meet him and be with him disturbed her mind. His texts heightened her desire to meet him. She replied,

“No plans yet. You say.”

“Please come over. I have a spacious room and we can explore many things.”

She laughed,

“What do you want to explore?”

“I want to explore you. I want to explore your body and live my fantasies with you. I don’t know why…I want to try everything I have fantasized, with you. Don’t you want to…?” He replied.

“I don’t know, but…yes, I love being with you. Maybe I won’t mind letting you to explore…”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s live the best time of our lives. Come over to my place tonight babes. I want to rip off your clothes.”

“Haha…I can’t carry extra pair of clothes. Don’t you do that.” She said.

She added,

“I will come late. Please guide me to reach your location.I do not know the routes of this place.”

“Oh, don’t worry babes. I am dying to see you and force myself on you.” He expressed whatever he felt without hesitating any more.

She could just laugh at his fantasies.

He wanted to know everything she desired, her likes and her dislikes. He wanted to give the best of this lockdown time to her and free her from her frustrations thus killing his own desperations too.

“Babes, would you mind, if I am rough to you while making love? I want to bite you everywhere andmake you scream in pleasure.”

“I have no idea about this rough and smooth. Not much into this sexual life.” She replied.

“I will let you experience everything.” He said with a husky tone.

It was dark and she drove as directed by him. Her mind was troubled with strange thoughts.

“Why am I driving to his room? What is pulling me so much? Why am I so attracted to him? I never get lured by anyone although many have tried many times with me! What is this something? Why can’t I say him ‘no’?”

He was impatiently waiting for her to reach. He kept his room clean and beautiful for her. He switched off all the lights with only a dim light on. He called,

“Hey, where are you? Tell me what you see around. Any landmark?”

“Oh, this route is so long and rough. I don’t know where I am heading too. It’s all dark this side.” She shouted as she drove.

“C’mon baby, you are yet to see the real roughness tonight…”

“Oh you…let me reach you first.  It’s already 1pm and if I don’t find your way, I will drive back. I am scared.”

“Where have you reached? You just need to enter the big iron gate.” He was worried.

“Oh no…I don’t see any route ahead. Where do you stay buddy? I think I have lost my way.” She was nervous.

(Will she reach him that night? Will she find her way or drive back without meeting him? To know more…keep reading.)