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Meals and Snacks for Train Journey Now Available At Your Berth

Tea for Rs. 7 and a decent veg meal for Rs. 50 – how convenient is that! You gaze out of the train window, letting the cool breeze touch your face and tease your hair, admiring those green fields, rocky lands, and bridges through which your train chugs. You are sipping your Rs. 7 tea and munching on some tasty snacks. Isn’t train journey fun?

The Railway Ministry and the IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) are busy devising ways to improve catering services for passengers. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a variety of snacks available at Indian railway platforms. They are a delight to your taste buds. They make you forget the tiredness of journey. Even if you are traveling alone, you would hardly feel bored with these snacks in hand.

 Snacks for train journey

If you are traveling in India through a train, you must try these snacks:

“Batata vada:” These are potato fritters. If you are traveling between Mumbai and Pune, you must try this one.

“Mirchi Bajji:” These are fat green chilies stuffed with potato and smeared in gram flour paste; then deep fried. Rajasthan’s Jodhpur station is famous for this snack.

“Poha:” These are flattened rice. This is a popular snack of India – healthy (requires trace amount of oil to make it) and yummy. They are garnished with grated fresh veggies, peanuts, coriander leaves, and other such things. You can find this snack at various big stations, especially in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.

“Petha:” A famous sweet of Agra – just the best thing to kickstart your blood sugar level and give you a boost of energy.

“Aloo Puri:” You can find it anywhere in North India. This is potato curry served with puris (deep fried Indian bread made of wheat). It is regarded as a decent meal by many.

“Rabri:” This one is a rich sweet garnished with lots of dry fruits. It’s the favorite of Uttar Pradesh. It makes you feel fuller for several hours.

“Bhel:” This is puffed rice mixed with spices, coriander leaves, tiny boiled potato cubes, and other chopped vegetables. Simply scrumptious! A treat available throughout North, West, and East India.

“Kullar chai:” It symbolizes Indian trains. Rich tea is served in cup-size earthen pots. Taste of this tea is different from what you usually drink from regular cups or glasses.

This is all about famous snacks of Indian stations; but if you are looking for a decent meal…something like chapattis, sabzi, dal, and curd…you can avail yourselves e-catering services of IRCTC. You can also get snacks like burgers, sandwiches, and others through this service.


Log on to IRCTC’s official website and click at its e-catering section. Now select a food vendor and choose a menu. Then place an order. This you must do two hours in advance when your train reaches the station where the e-catering kitchen is located.

As soon as your train reaches the station, your ordered meal reaches your seat. Enjoy your food and make your train journey more delightful than ever.

You can also place an order through sms, toll free number, or by downloading an app. enjoy your favorite meal and snacks for train journey with ease and affordability.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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