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Untold Stories

Episode 10 – Let your heart skip a bit…

Here is an effort to keep you busy during this quarantine period and keep your minds away from crisis taking you to the land of love and romance.
Short stories will be posted episode wise. Keep reading and keep romance alive in your life.


Episode 10–

“Do you still think I care so much for your story? If you still feel that you can’t be fucked before you release your story, here I am…I am ready to sit whole night listening to you and your tales. But nothing will stop me to love you. Yes, Sumi. I have come all the way taking high risk not just to fuck you, but to make you mine forever.”

Listening to this, Sumi’s eyes were full of tears.

“What kind of a person you are Manish? You don’t give up easily. As for my story, it will be continued once I get very badly fucked by you.” And, there she brought a smile on his face.

Manish kissed her eyes, wiped off her tears, and hugged her tight. Sumi’s body was not yet free from the intense desire. She kissed him back unbuttoning his shirt. There she was forced by the rage of her body. She pulled his shirt out, kissing his chest and unlatched his belts to let loose his jeans. She unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down the zip and slid her hands in too feel his manhood. Manish was lost in her love and touch. His body was controlled by her desires. He pulled out his jeans letting her please him the way she desired. Sumi rubbed his manhood making him uncontrollable. She pulled his underwear out and letting his hardness free to be devoured by her. She bent down devouring it full till her throat could feel his hardness. There she enjoyed her the forbidden fruit. He held her hair from back guiding her mouth to give him the ultimate pleasure.

Manish pulled her up and whispered in her ears, “do I still need your permission to fuck you hard or should I make you mine without wasting a second.”

Sumi smiled saying,

“All yours now and forever.”

Manish couldn’t stop listening to this. He kissed her intensely, parted her legs and tasted her secret jewel devouring it more and more as she moaned spelling his name again and again. Manish looked at her face moaning in pleasure and decided instantly that she would be his lady for now and forever.

Fiercely, he grabbed her breasts making her moan and asked,

“Will you be mine Sumi?”

Sumi moaning high screamed in pleasure,

“I love you so much.”

Manish felt as if in the ninth cloud listening to this. He came on top of her, kissed her lips forcing his hardness in her deep watching her moan in pleasure with drops of tears rolling from her eyes. He thrusts his manhood deep inside her whispering,

“I will be your addiction from today.”

Their bodies met, souls met, and they remained in each other’s arms the whole night.

The next morning, Manish woke up, smiled seeing Sumi sleeping beside him peacefully as if she had slept after years. He planted a kiss on her forehead and switched on the Television.

The Morning headlines read,

Services of all flights, trains and buses aresuspended till further orders from the centre.

Lockdown proposed by the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister to address the Nation at 8 pm.

His heart skipped a bit …

     THE END